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Toast to the Perfect Drink.

You are unique, and so is what you love to drink.

Storka is a digital bartender built to take your own personal tastes and match them to the kind of drinks you're sure to love.

Personalized Drink Discovery

Answer 8 one-click questions about your taste preferences (ex. how you take your coffee and if you enjoy red wines).

Storka then recommends drink products from a nearby liquor store that you can have delivered within 60-90 minutes.

Then, every week on your "Friday," Storka sends you another batch of drink recommendations.

Our Values

  • Not Everyone's Friday is "Friday"
  • Everyone has a unique taste
  • Celebrate the small wins

About Storka

Storka was founded in late 2019 by Greg Solak to bring drink recommendations and same day delivery to life.

Solak worked previously as a Engineering Team Lead at a popular fitness cycling company and loves Gin & Tonic, Bloody Mary's and Black Iced Coffee.

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