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Beefeater London Dry Gin

Beefeater London Dry Gin

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A product of their bold, creative city, Beefeater is proud to still be made in the heart of London. With big juniper character and strong citrus notes, this is a real London Dry for those that enjoy the real taste of gin

Alcohol by volume47%

4.0 / 5

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Shaken, not stirred!

How do you take your martini? Beefeater London Dry Gin makes one of the smoothest martinis on the planet. Sometimes seen as a premium liquor at bars, this makes the perfect thing to order during happy hour! Not a fan of olive juice? Beefeater Gin can add a delicious flavor to your tonic water! If you haven't tried Beefeater London Dry Gin, you are missing out!

Beefeater is the ying to my yang!

If ever looking for the perfect gin to couple with your tonic, beefeater is the way to go! It

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Great tasting Gin at an affordable price.

This is a great Gin because it taste of the botanicals they infuse it with. Most modern Gins try to mask the beautiful aroma and taste of Gin, but this Gin is full of vibrant flavor. This Gin goes perfect in cocktails or a mixer with tonic. This Gin is bold and tastes delicious while being at an affordable cost.

Classic british style gin

Lots of botanicals, packed full of lush juniper flavors. It drinks dry and smooth and makes a lovely gin and tonic. Not one of the craft gins you may want to drink on the rocks but this goes down nicely with tonic or even some juice. Makes a lovely spritz infused with some lime, lemon and mint. Makes a gorgeous sweet cocktail and is perfect for a warm day or a lazy evening. Nothing too strong and average proof so you won't feel boozed up after a couple.

Beefeater London Dry gin

It is typical dry gin rich in flavors such as juniper and pine. It is a perffectc choice for dry martinis and negronis.