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Baileys Original Irish Cream

Baileys Original Irish Cream

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Baileys Original Irish Cream liqueur complements the full, richness of the fresh Irish dairy cream, cocoa and heavenly vanilla that all go into their secret recipe. Want to curl up on the sofa with something deliciously indulgent? Baileys Original Irish Cream - whether poured in coffee, a festive hot cocoa or over an after dinner ice cream – never fails to do the trick.

Alcohol by volume17%

Country / RegionIreland

4.5 / 5

19 Reviews

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Creamy, rich liquor perfect for coffee!

Have you ever sat on your porch during the cold months drinking hot chocolate or coffee? Bailey's Original Irish Cream adds a perfect, creamy, and rich flavor to the both! There are also many ways to combine Bailey's with other liquors and mixers to make amazing shots! Don't forget about dropping it into a glass a Guinness! This is a must have for all liquor cabinets!

Bailey's Irish Cream- One of the Best!

Bailey's Irish Cream is one of my absolute favorite liqueurs! It makes drinking in the morning acceptable as it is the perfect complement to your morning cup of coffee. I also enjoy it in the evening in a mug of hot cocoa. Deliciously smooth and tasty!

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Takes your coffee to another level

With that rich favor it makes every drink taste like christmas morning. On the rocks or added to morning coffee will make your day brighter.

The best alternative to chocolate

Simply a dream. Soft, creamy, brown and purely a delight. Everyone who enjoys a smooth and sweet drink will love this liquor. If you feel like eating a bulk of chocolate, try this drink.


Baileys adds a lusciousness to life rivaled by no other drink. It brings an exquisite, rich creaminess to anything to which it is added. It is also perfect for sipping on its own and for baking with. Pick up a bottle today and create the possibilities!

Baileys knows what their doing!

Baileys Irish Cream is an excellent Irish Cream that has a bold, full flavor that can bring your beachy bushwhacker, or your hot coffee to life. I highly recommend Baileys! It

Classic comfort drink

Baileys always makes me feel like I am wrapped up in a warm blanket. It's a perfect sipper over ice or mixed with coffee.


Baileys original Irish Cream is one of my favorite additives to drinks. My favorite thing to add it to is Kahlua.

Get a extra kick in your coffee

Baileys original Irish cream is a sweet alcoholic beverage that is not to be drank by itself. Perfect way to jazz up a coffee. Do not drink too much though because of the sweet flavor mixed with the affects of alcohol may make you a little sick to your stomach.


I love Baileys! You can use Bailey's in almost anything for the day. Of course you can drink it straight over a glass of ice, which is smooth, or you can spike a hot cocoa during winter. Also great to add a bit in your coffee!

This stuff is terrible for drinking!

I receive Bailey's original Irish cream all the time. My name happens to go with it name of the alcohol so people think it makes a good gift. The first time I got it, i thought so too. Once I tasted it though, uck! It might be good for making alcoholic baked goods, but do not drink on it's own. It's really bad.

Bailey's Irish Cream

Bailey's is a sweet, medium strong, liquor from the cram and whiskey. It has aromas such as nuts, whiskey, some cinnamon. It is perfect to drink neat or on the rocks. Also, it is perfect a component to the coffee drinks

Bailey's is ridiculously addictive!

I originally had this in some adult hot chocolate while skiing, so picked up a bottle when I got back to make adult hot chocolates at home. Now I've forgone coffee and drink this all the time! Bonus is the fact that Bailey's has recipes online for other creative uses of it (HELLO!!!! Irish Cream Bread Pudding!!!). I like when a product can do double duty like that.

We're all Irishmen with Baileys.

There's nothing better than creaming up a hot cup of coffee with this delicious libation in the morning. Extra mom points for you if its a snow day and your kids are home! This is also a decadent treat around the holidays guaranteed to bring delicious cheer to anyone you serve it to. Must I beg the question of what else on God's green earth would you make an Irish Car Bomb with?! Two thumbs and a four leaf clover up.

Great product, steep price point

Bailey's makes a lovely Irish Coffee and is beautiful over ice. It's warm and sweet and carries the most delicious and robust enhancement of that whiskey flavor. The only genuine critique is that the price point is on the high end particularly when priced against other liquor creams.

Irish coffee anyone?

Bailey's Irish cream is a great ingredient for several mixed drinks. It is my personal favorite for an Irish coffee or spiced up hot cocoa on a chilly evening. Excellent flavor.

Perfect for any night

This is a great product which goes great in cocktails, coffee or even on the rocks. By itself it has a nice smooth mouthfeel, almost velvety texture. It goes great in martinis and cocktails. It is the perfect night cap by itself or in some coffee surrounded by family and friends.

Great flavor and awesome to mix!

This liquor has always been one of the most versatile options for me. It has an incredible taste that goes well with many, many drinks. If you like making creamy, coffee or any similar type of mixes, this liquor is for you.

Sweet and smooth, a great addition to the liquor cabinet

Bailey's Original Irish Cream is a sweet, smooth liquor. Great for adding to coffee on a relaxing weekend, or simply drinking straight in the evening Bailey's is a great addition to any liquor cabinet.