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Crown Royal

Crown Royal

by Crown Royal

Top 100 Seller

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Crown Royal Deluxe is the standard of excellence for Canadian whisky. It is an extraordinary blend of 50 full-bodied Canadian whiskies, matured to perfection.

Alcohol by volume40%

Country / RegionManitoba, Canada

4.1 / 5

15 Reviews

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Chill product with ice for everyone.

Crown royal is the best Light drink. affordable and it is amazing. easy to drink.

Very strong, but quality liquor

This liquor has always been one of my go-tos. It has a full flavor that hasn

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Go ahead, wear the Crown.

There is literally nothing more down-home delicious than the absolute classic Crown and Coke. This is a staple alcohol to have in any home bar and always hits the tastebuds with a warm smooth bite. Don't know what to order at the bar and seem like a goober? Order a Crown and Coke, or if you are a true gentleman Crown on the rocks. Always a classic and tasteful (pun intended) drink.

Really Royal

Crown is where its at man, really nice and smooth and always makes for a party favorite

So so budget whiskey

Crown Royal is honestly the equivalent of vodka or moonshine, the product just barely makes it to the classification of whiskey. It's quite acidic and vinegary and can be really undesirable to drink. Not distasteful if you're really in the mood for whiskey and there is nothing else but to seek it out because of price is quite silly, there are several better whiskeys at the same and similar price point. Heck, taking a gamble on a random scotch that seated at around $10 a bottle is a smarter bet. It lacks dimension and character but by the same token a few will have you feeling warm and cosy just the same as any other whiskey - I can't speak to how you'll feel the next day though.

Boss drink

I like the quality of this drink it's a classic. It's one of a kind and got a strong hit.

Sassy with a hint of sweet!

Very great, smooth, Rum flavor.

Our Northerner neighbors got this one right

Crown Royal comes to us from our Canadian neighbors. Living in the frigid temperatures must be the reason they were able to fine tune this whiskey as well as they did. Feeling rowdy- it makes a great shot. Just want to relax after a long day, serve it neat on the rocks. And if you are at a mixer, Crown goes well with many sodas. The Drink of Champions (Crown + Diet Dr. Pepper) never disappoints.

One of the best things to come out of Canada!

Crown Royal is go to" whiskey for many people! There are a million ways to use this smooth affordable whiskey. Try it neat over the rocks or mixed with a coke product. Even mixed with cranberry juice!

Got props for my choice!

I impressed my boyfriend, now-husband, for our first Christmas together with a gift of Crown Royal. He loved it! The smooth, warm flow is just easy on the palate. I got serious props for my choice and this may be why he married me!


Crown Royal Rye is the third best whisky Crown Royal has made last year.

Crown Royal is pure royalty!

Crown Royal is smooth, sweet, and satisfy

Decent Wisky

I love wiskey and coke, but to me Crown Royal is pretty sweet. I like a harsh wiskey that is strongly tasted over the soda. I typically like my wiskey to overpower the sweetness of the coke.

Crown Royal review

It is a relatively smooth canadian whiskey. It possess smooth aroma of wood and have a nice, medium long lasting aftertaste of cream and vanilla.

The gold standard.

Almost all variations of this company are very good and potent. I enjoy the Regal Apple bottle, as strange as that flavor sounds it's very good.