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Skyy Vodka

Skyy Vodka

Top 100 Seller

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For exceptional clean taste, a lot goes into taking things out. Quadruple distilled and triple filtered, it's truly pure enjoyment.

Alcohol by volume40%

Country / RegionCalifornia, United States

3.3 / 5

13 Reviews

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Definitely, maybe

Honestly Skyy is lower tier vodka, but after three or four shots, what's the difference? At least it burns less than most.

Skyy Vodka review

Skyy is definitely not a top shell vodka. It is relatively mild taste, but with pretty harsh aftertaste. It is a great vodka for mixing cocktails, but it is not an option for martini or neat.

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Waterlike vodka

Very lovely smooth and waterlike vodka it is. I love it really because it is a 'no hangover vodka'. Best for its price.

Skyy or Diesel Gasoline?

I genuinely believe this alcohol might have some connection to the Diesel Gasoline fuel that you will see at your local Shell or Chevron. By far the worst alcohol I have ever tasted and I hope to never ever see it again. Avoid unless you are satisfied with leaving holes in your esophagus

Shyy Vodka - The best in it's class!

Would you believe that this Vodka has only been on the market for about 20 years? We are a vodka family and love our cocktails. Any flavor you can choose. This vodka rises to the occasion. Great in price and wonderful served chilled in a fruity drink. You wont be sorry!

Not a Fan

Not a fan of the taste. Too strong. If you're looking to burn your throat, this drink will do it.

Skyy Vodka

Sky vodka is not that much different from a regular vodka. Vodka comes and so many flavors. But it is very good.

Very strong, turns your hair white!!

not saying thats bad though. I can only take small doses but whoa, it can creep up on you. so no driving after these.

Skyy Vodka leaves me in the clouds!

I absolutely love skyy vodka. If I am out, or even at home, it

It's Skyy, What Else Is There To Say?

Something everyone will like, recognize. Can't go wrong here. Good vodka for the price. Especially the handle price.

The best vodka IMO

I don't normally like vodka, but this is my go-to vodka. It is very smooth compared to other vodkas and is even better with mixed fruits.

Want to feel the burn? This is what to drink.

This stuff is cheap, cheap, cheap! Boy can you taste it too. I took a bottle of this on the river thinking it would be a grand time, but instead I spent most sips hacking. This stuff will burn all the way down. Absolutely not my choice of vodkas. BLEGH!

Perfect for Moscow Mule

The perfect vodka for the perfect drink choice: Moscow Mule.