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The Glenlivet 12 Year

Glenlivet 12 Year

12 year

Top 100 Seller

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This whisky has been called a lot of things in its time: smooth, fruity, complex, sophisticated, entertaining, classic. The Original Malt Whisky Almanac says: “A first-class malt. One of the most popular malts in the world – deservedly so.”

Representing The Glenlivet’s signature style, this classic malt is first matured in traditional oak, before spending time in American oak casks which impart notes of vanilla and gives the whisky it’s distinctive smoothness. The mineral-rich water that comes from Josie’s Well helps form the flavours during mashing and fermentation, whilst the specific height and width of the copper stills add a delicate yet complex character.

Keep a bottle on hand for every occasion.

Alcohol by volume40%

Country / RegionUnited Kingdom

5.0 / 5

2 Reviews

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The perfect introduction to Speyside

A beautiful speyside whiskey, priced perfectly, perhaps just slightly on the high end but well worth it. It also is a staple at most bars so one can happily have a pour of it at most opportunities when out. It drinks with those classic speyside notes of cream, biscuit and banana. A beautiful Scotch and a great mid range whiskey for someone looking to educate their palette on the different regional flavors of Scotch.

You MUST try Glenvet

Smooth smooth smooth. That's all I should have to say such a great taste with glenvet 12.