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Bacardi Silver 200mL

Bacardi Silver

Top 100 Seller

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Bacardi Superior rum is aged between one and two years in carefully selected oak barrels. After aging, the rums are blended and passed through a second charcoal filtration to achieve maximum clarity and characteristic Bacardi smoothness.

Alcohol by volume40%

Country / RegionPuerto Rico

3.7 / 5

12 Reviews

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Bacardi silver is the perfect rum!

Ah, Bacardi. It is a smooth tasting rum that taste delicious and packs the power of a strong mixed drink. Mixes great with any type of juice, and garnish, or even a coke! Great choice of drink for the hot beach day, or the night out in the club!

The rum that everyone loves!

Bacardi silver is first choice in rum because of it's smooth taste that is not too dry. It only takes one drink to start feeling good. Bacardi tastes great in rum cake and even better in a glass.

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Smooth and tasty life.

Great and nice product. good combination of lemon soda. And i would like to prefer it for bachelor party's.

Good for mixing!

Not sure why anyone would drink this by itself, but it's ideal for rum mixed drinks. Makes me think of sitting on a beach.

Bacardi Silver- Just OK

While rum is my favorite alcohol, Bacardi Silver is good, but overrated in my opinion. For the price, there are many better light rums available. It is a fine rum if it is in a punch that is light on alcohol and heavy on mixers.

A classic for the shelf

Tasty and not too sugary like other rums. It's good stuff and coke doesn't taste the same without it lol

Good rum

Bacardi makes a good rum, imo. It's not the cheapest but in this case that works better for them

Bacardi Silver - The classic rum for the light wallet

Bacardi Silver is a classic rum and probably the most popular among students. It offers a great cost effectiveness, provides quality and presents a delicious balance between hard and soft taste.

Birthday Girl Wasted

This is definitely the drink to buy in bulk and supply to all your friends at a party, but don't be surprised when you find someone having too much fun and getting Birthday Girl Wasted in your living room. Beware, they may have to sleep on the couch. Tastes great in fruity drinks or dumped in a punch. Get ready for a cheap and tasty night! All the college kids WOULD recommend.

The slight downgrade from Bacardi Gold

Bacardi typically revels in producing solid quality rum, with nothing exceptional about it. The plus side about Bacardi Silver is that it is wonderful for mixing drinks. However, as a stand alone beverage, Bacardi Gold is more preferential

A very popular white rum

Silver is quite good. It takes neutral and has quite a bit of burn to it because it's not too sharply distilled. It's nice in a cocktail, even mixed with tonic or sprite it's light and fresh. Makes a good spritzer with white wine, sparkling water and some muddled mint. Or alternatively serve in a mojito with mint, lime and sugar. Super drinkable.

Freshly light beverage

This is one of my favorites liquor that sneaks up on you. Good Buzz Light and refreshing.